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There are two topics covered here, scoresheets for target rifle shooting and offset sights for those with problems seeing through one or other eyes.


The scoresheets have been designed for the NRA(GB) current series of targets and I believe they are a good compromise between showing a sufficiently large area of the target for beginners, whilst having a large enough bull for those who will produce 75's with high V bull counts.

The scoresheets are in Microsoft Word format but other formats can be produced on request. There are two types of document available A4 where there are two scoresheets on one A4 page and A5 where there is one scoresheet on an A5 page. Please note that the A4 format will only work for those who have printers capable of having a bottom margin of 5mm or less. If your printer cannot print with such a small bottom margin, and most inkjet printers will not, then use the A5 format and print on to an A4 page. An example of the 600 yard scoresheet is shown below.

600 yard scoresheet

Use the links below to download the scoresheets you want. By downloading these scoresheets you are agreeing not to sell them on or include them in any commercial product without prior arrangement with Trevor Steele.  Please note the HBSA targets are now the 2016 pattern and the latest 2019 NRA targets are labelled as NRA(GB) 2019.

A5 Format 

(One scoresheet per page)

A4 Format 

(Two scoresheets per page)

Offset Sights

I am a right handed shooter with a right master eye. Around 1999 I suffered some haemorrhages in my right eye which left me with scars on my retina and very poor central vision, not a good thing for shooting. This became apparent to me as I was needing larger and larger rearsight apertures to be able to see anything through the sights and even my good shots were not falling where expected. As both my smallbore and fullbore rifles have thumbhole stocks and I am very right handed, I decided to design some offset sights to see if I could continue shooting. The bottom line is that they work well and have kept me in target rifle shooting since.

The smallbore sights are very simple as most smallbore rifles have sufficient adjustment to allow the firer a comfortable position even when the sights are offset.

Offset smallbore rearsight

Offset smallbore foresight

The fullbore sights are more complex since the adjustment on fullbore rifles is more limited. The fullbore sights allow adjustment for an individuals pupilary distance (the distance between your eyes) and also have a foresight capable of vertical adjustment. This allows the firer to have a consistent head position at all distances.

Offset fullbore rearsight

Offset fullbore foresight

Futher details can be supplied on request.